Grishko's Miracle pointe shoe has a special insert to absorb sound. The shoe’s improved structure pampers the foot, is ready to wear thanks to unique glue, and has silver particles to protect your feet from bacterial infections.

Made on the 2007 Last

“Miracle” has its own special shanks: LM (Light Medium), LH (Light Hard) 

Sole: machine-stitched

Vamp: U-shaped 

The shoe is made with drawstring and has an ideal box form, lengthened elastic wings, a stable pointe platform, U-shaped medium vamp.

The heel is 5 mm lower than in Grishko 2007. 

This pointe shoe is recommended for: 

  • dancers with any type of foot, except for those who have a high arch and need a SH (Super Hard) shank; 

  • dancers who use Grishko 2007, S, M, H shanks; 

  • non professionals with trained feet who have rather a developed pointe technique. 

Size: 1 - 8 ½ 
Width: X – XXXXX