Five factors of the Triumph Pointe Shoe:

• Triumphant balance thanks to a wider platform.+ 5mm
• Triumphant lightness and durability thanks to new glue.
• Triumphant floor grip thanks to a non-slip sole.
• Triumphant stability of shape thanks to double upper.
• Triumphant beauty thanks to a heartfelt and devoted work of Grishko’s craftsmen.

Distinctive features: wide platform; new glue; double upper; non-slip sole; longer supportive wings; heel is 5 mm lower than the Fouette; a new set of shanks with a roll-up to demi-pointe.

The Triumph Pointe shoe has been developed based on the features most requested by world-famous ballerinas Diana Vishneva and Svetlana Zakharova, for their own customised shoes. Lightweight, with beautiful balance on the generous platform, ease of roll-through, a hand-applied anti-slip sole, lower heel height, supportive wings and a graceful U-shaped medium vamp, Triumph provides contemporary appeal, superb performance and timeless beauty.

Made on the the Fouette last, this design mostly applies to dancers who have more even toes and shorter toes. A Fouette dancer will like the feel of the foot being well into the shoe. The lower vamp is well suited to dancers who don't have a big arch. The new triumph shoe comes with a drawstring as standard unlike the Fouette model.

This model now comes as a
PRO model with new sound reducing technology

Try the Triumph as a 3/4 shank option (special order)

You may choose one of the five widths:


Five shanks are also available: SS, S, M, H, SH. 

Shoe sizes 1 to 8.5.

Price £49.00