Grishko Pointe Shoe Profiles

Somewhat TAPERED with Low Profile & Longer Vamp
Grishko 2007
Grishko 2007 Pro
Grishko 2007 Pro Flex

Somewhat TAPERED with Low Profile & Medium Vamp
Grishko Miracle

Somewhat TAPERED with Medium Profile
Grishko Fouette
Grishko Fouette ProFlex

SQUARE with Low Profile and Medium Vamp
Grishko Triumph

Width  In order that the pointe shoe fits a foot perfectly, Grishko manufactures pointe shoes in 5 different widths. Remember that foot heat stretches the shoe fabric while dancing, and in a couple of hours the pointe shoe will take the form of your forefoot. 

Shoe sizes 1 to 8.5 (UK)

The five width options of Grishko pointe shoe are: 
ox - Very Narrow (Special Order)

x - Very Narrow 
xx - Narrow 
xxx - Medium 
xxxx - Wide 
xxxxx - Very Wide 

The five shank options of Grishko pointe shoe are:
SS - super soft shank (Special Order)
S - soft shank (Special Order)
M - medium shank
H - hard shank
SH - super hard shank (Special Order)

Vegan Pointe Shoes & Ballet Slippers (Special Order)

Vegan shoes are made with a cellulose sole in place of the suede sole normally used. Any Grishko canvas slipper can also be made with this sole. Pointe shoes that can be made vegan include those with suede soles only: 2007 series (2007, Pro and ProFlex), Miracle and Maya.
All Grishko pointe shoes are made with non-animal-based and non-toxic glue. staff at the Moscow factory often taste the glue to show customers that it is even edible!