Sometimes finding the perfect Pointe shoe takes a while but don’t panic- at Grishko we can help you! If you have worn  a pair of Grishko’s and you loved them with the exception of one little issue, we can customise them to make them perfect for you.
It is a special order, and you may have to wait 6-10 weeks. They will be non returnable and you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit. I welcome the opportunity to help you customise your pointe shoes.

Your feet will change and strengthen during your years en pointe, so it is only natural that your needs for a shoe will change, please pay careful attention to your needs. Remember, your feet are your tools, look after them.


Customised Grishko shoes

An example of the ways a Grishko shoes can be customised

Material:- vegan sole, canvas, matt satin

Size: Available 1-8.5 but men can get up to a 9 in Fouette

Width:-Can get up to XXXXXX or down to an OX

Shank Option:-SS, S, M, H, SH or with a soft roll through area at the demi Pointe.

Colours:- White, Black, Blue, Green, Violet,Red,Yellow and Burgundy. Available also canvas

1 Vamp:- specify actual height you want- adding a cm can help give more support in the front of the foot, taking some vamp height away, can give you an easier roll up on demi pointe. Vamp shape cane be V-shape or U-shape

2 Side Wing L or R:-if your toe joints are sticking out of the side of the satin, but everything else is fine, add some height to the wings.

3 Platform:-Can be made wider

4 Heel Height:-Can be increased or decreased

5 Side Quarter L or R:- Can be increased or decreased

6 Drawstring Required:- If your shoe fits well, you should not need a drawstring

7 Soles:-The leather soles can be scoured or scratched

8 Sides:-The sides can be cut higher or lower than standard.

Please just ask if the alteration you would like is not above. Grishko will always do the best they can do to help.