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Breaking in your new pair of Pointe Shoes of will make them more comfortable when you come to wear them for class.

Breaking in pointe shoes just means that a dancer is moulding the pointe shoes to the shape of her feet. Be prepared to spend some time doing this, it is the only way that a shoe will be ready to dance in. Wearing unbroken shoes to class will make pointe work very difficult. As you get more experienced, you will discover the best way for you to prepare your shoes. Every dancer has their own way of doing this. Please do not use hammers or stand on the box of the shoes. Do not bend the pointe shoe in half as you will not get the correct place to bend, you will just end up with a pair of shoes that will feel uncomfortable. If you break in your shoes in this way you may either break them and need to buy another pair or lessen the life of them. I believe that the only way to correctly break in your shoes is to use your feet and work hard.

Each Grishko Pointe Shoe has been beautifully hand crafted. Treat them with respect and they will serve you well.

An Exercise to Break in Pointe Shoes

Face the barre, with two hands on the barre for support.

1)  Rise onto pointe, then roll down, very slowly, on both feet.

2)  Pony trots, alternating feet.

3)  Rise onto pointe, bend both knees forwards and push over on to, and right over the box. 

4)  Repeat, but on alternate feet.

5) Repeat steps 1 to 4 in turnout position.

(Repeat until you find the shoes softening at the demi-pointe break)

Another way to start breaking them in is to put the shoes on, rise up to demi pointe and walk around in them.(Please do not go up on to full pointe unless you are experienced)