I specialise in fitting at Dance Schools around the Country. A lot of Schools find it more convenient for me to travel to them to fit a complete class of Children. It is also very helpful to me that a Teacher can be on hand to check that she is happy with the fittings and if any problems come up I can discuss it with them immediately.

Fitting is done by an appointment system.

I will fit both Demi pointe/Soft Blocks and Pointe Shoes.

I also teach about the care of Pointe Shoes, sewing on of ribbons and the breaking in of shoes.

I am happy to fit both male and Female dancers

If you feel that this is a service that would be beneficial to you, please do contact me.

I specialise in pointe shoe fitting and the customising of Pointe shoes for problem feet, making sure that I will always find the perfect shoe for you to dance in.

I fit beginners up to Professional dancers.

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